There should be a word for the specific kind of sadness you feel at the passing of something that you never actually engaged with – the sadness of seeing, say, a restaurant close down, even though you never went there. Whatever that word is, it’s what we’ll all feel at the disappearance of Paint, a program that no one in their right mind actually uses to do anything.

After bafflingly not coming to this conclusion at any point in the last decade, Microsoft has now flagged the deeply rudimentary drawing app for what can only be described as a timely demise.

Paint was included in the release of Windows 1.0 in 1985 and in the subsequent 32 years has facilitated the creation of hundreds of millions of pixelated dicks drawn inexpertly with a mouse that was designed more for locating files than creating phallus-based artwork.

It’s not entirely clear when the app will actually be taken out of Windows 10, but the release notes for the Autumn Creators Update indicate that it, along with Outlook Express, has been flagged for either removal or deprecation.

People, unsurprisingly, have feelings:

RIP MS Paint. RIP in hell.

Source: The Guardian.

Photo: Parenting Times.