Melb Commuters To Score Refunds After Yesterday’s Nightmarish Train Delays

Melburnian commuters trapped on trains for almost an hour (ETERNITY) due to a computer glitch yesterday arvo will be issued bulk refunds by Metro Trains.
The fault has reportedly been traced to one server in Metro’s control room. 
Earlier today, Premier Daniel Andrews took to Facey to apologise and to pull an iconic dad move, demanding both refunds for passengers and “consequences” (!!!) for those responsible, following a comprehensive investigation: 
I also want to say sorry. To train users, to people who got stuck on our roads, or couldn’t catch a tram, or those who paid ridiculous prices catching other transport. 
You deserve better – and we won’t stop working until we deliver it.” 

Metro Trains have announced a full investigation into the cause of the glitch, and will automatically compensate the costs of fares for those who touched on between 3pm and 7pm yesterday. They’re estimating about 175,00 passengers will receive refunds of either $4.10 for adults or $2.05 for concessions. However it may take up to a month for that dosh to come through.
They will not be paying for anyone’s exorbitant taxi and Uber fares. 

But Victorian Liberal public transport spokesman David Hodgett wants MORE: 
Who’s going to the pay the compensation for the mums and dads that had to jump in a taxi or an Uber and get charged $100 to get to the childcare centre to pick up the kids?” 
Meanwhile, the outage could have implications on the contract between the Victorian government and Metro Trains to run Melbourne’s train network, which is due to expire in November. The gov are currently considering whether or not to extend the contract another seven years. 
According to Labor Transport Minister Jacinta Allan
The government has already made its view crystal clear. We expect a higher performance standard on the next round of contracts. 
We have written those requirements into the tender documents.
There are mechanisms under the current contract that allow PTV to put a penalty on the operator.
But we want to go about strengthening the performance so these sorts of issues do not happen.”
But her wrath was not reserved for Metro Trains. She’s also shitty at Uber, for charging 3x surge pricing during the outage: 
I think their behaviour exposed their approach to the way they treat people who use their services.
Taking advantage of people in a difficult circumstance is not a way to run the business.”

The outage, beginning at around 4pm yesterday, had some people take two-hour journeys to get home, and had flow-on affects on buses and trams. But it also gifted us this:

Source: The Age.
Photo: Jeff Greenberg / Getty.

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