Someone Shaved Mario & He Looks Like A Fucked Up ‘Fireman Sam’ Offcut

Mario should never be seen in public without a moustache. That’s my take on the matter. To remove the moustache of Mario is to remove his very essence, to present him horrible and nude to the whole world. And yet one complete lunatic has done exactly that: ridding Mario of his protective moustache and flopping him about face-naked as the day he was born.

[jwplayer cRXUZOer]

A modder by the name of SlashSMC has produced a fully functional version of Super Mario Odyssey in which Mario competes and travels through the game without the trademark soup strainer adorning his lip.

The mod removes Mario’s mo from ever facet of the game. Cutscenes? It’s gone. General gameplay? Nowhere to be found. The whole experiment leaves Mario looking less like the Magical Plumber and more like a scene cut from a crappy claymation series because of *horrible mistakes*.

A video of the mod was uploaded to YouTube and even goes so far as to include Mario’s screams of agony as his moustache is forcefully removed off screen.

It’s violent. It’s upsetting. It shouldn’t be allowed.

Disastrous stuff. Truly harrowing scenes. Hell in every sense of the word.

The entire mod is available to get at via this fancy link, if thumbing your nose at the Nintendo gods sounds like your idea of a red hot time.

But honestly, the prospect of a Mario Universe free of facial hair is not one any of you should be freely condoning. It’s simply a bridge too far.