Marc Jacobs & Valentino Shared Summer And Pre-Fall Styles On Animal Crossing, Of All Places

While fashion shows can’t really be held in reality right now, some luxe fashion houses have turned to a virtual option to show off their new looks and styles. Sure, Fashion Week might be streaming New York and Paris this year, but others have turned to something a little more accessible; Animal Crossing.

Taking fashion to the adorable and addictive game that just about everyone’s fallen in love with during the pandemic to create your new season’s lookbook? Now that’s a genius move, my friends.

Labels like Marc Jacobs and Valentino have partnered with the Instagram account Animal Crossing Fashion Archive this year to bring some of their famous looks to the gaming world. Never thought that would be something I’d by writing out in 2020, but here we are.

Valentino shared AC looks inspired by both its 2020 spring/summer collection, and items from its pre-fall collection. Lots of bucket hats, bright colours, and classic Valentino aesthetics here.

I’d imagine these would probably go for a good amount of turnips and bells if you had to buy them in-game, but instead, the labels have given up the design codes for free. Probably the cheapest Valentino piece I’ll ever (kinda) own, let’s be real.

Both Valentino and Marc Jacobs shared the codes on their respective Insta highlights, so if you’re far enough in the game to punch in codes, go forth and get yourself some new hype bae threads.

animal crossing fashion
(Instagram / @maisonvalentino)
animal crossing fashion
(Instagram / @marcjacobs)

This is just…so wild. I love it. I think.

Animal Crossing Fashion Archive, which was started by fashion photographer Kara Chung, documents players who are replicating looks from high fashion houses in the game. The Instagram is filled with heaps of inspo for your own island, with vibes from Commes De Garçon, Dior, Fendi, Balenciaga, Chanel, and Supreme, to name a few.

I can barely keep the weeds off my island, let alone sketch up some dope new threads for my Animal Crossing avatar, Christ.