The New Voice Of Mario Has Just Been Revealed & He Looks Almost Too Similar To The Real Thing

It's a me, new Mario! The new voice actor behind the famous Nintendo character has just been announced as Kevin Afghani.

It’s a me, new Mario! The new voice actor behind the famous Nintendo character has just been announced and just on visuals alone, this bloke is the perfect choice.

Kevin Afghani, a voice actor from the US, will become the third person in just a handful of years to take on the job.

His debut will be in the upcoming game Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

In my personal opinion, he definitely gives Mario. Just look at that smile!

Maybe trim the beard off… leaving the mo, obvs.

“Incredibly proud to have voiced Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Thanks to Nintendo for inviting me into the Flower Kingdom!” Afgani wrote on Twitter.

While the full game hasn’t been released yet, there was a tiny snippet posted to social media which gives us a sweet, sweet morsel of what the new voice sounds like.

To my delight, it sounds … pretty much the same as the classic!

The “oh!”, “here we go”, and “yahoo’s” all sound divine.

The switcheroo comes after Charles Martinet announced he’d be hanging up the blue overalls earlier in the year.

Martinet took to X (formerly Twitter) to confirm the news, writing, “[M]y new Adventure begins! You are all Numba One in my heart! [#]woohoo!”

Sir, don’t you mean “wahoo”?

Martinet was a veteran in the role, having voiced it since way back in 1994. The fact that he spent nearly three decades in the top spot is impressive to say the very least.

The next person to voice the famous red man was of course, Chris Pratt.

Pratt, who didn’t even do “the accent”, was widely canned for his performance.

However, to be fair, the movie still managed to make absolute bank at the box office, only being toppled by the Barbie movie later for 2023’s biggest cinema hit.

Word on the street is that even if there is a sequel to the flick, Pratt might not be the go-to, according to Inside The Magic.

Perhaps they’ll use Afghani instead?

Super Mario Bros Wonder. is set to be released on October 20.

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