Somebody Hacked Joe Keery’s Twitter Account & Fans Are Begging Him To Wake The Fuck Up

joe keery hacked

Stranger Things star Joe Keery has seemingly had his Twitter account hacked and hoo boy, it’s really something.

Our beloved Steve Harrington hasn’t been active on Twitter since he retweeted the most recent Stranger Things promotional video back on February 15. But a series of tweets posted today have led fans to believe he’s been hacked.

So far, at least 20 tweets have been posted to Joe’s account, many of which urged fans to follow various Twitter and Instagram accounts, likely to be owned by the hacker(s). The hack appears to be the work of the “Chuckling Squad” – the infamous hackers who previously managed to gain control of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s account.

According to Metro, now-deleted tweets ranged from racist comments directed at other Twitter users to claims he was “molested” on the Stranger Things set.

Another tweet claimed the actor had coronavirus and was “going to meet Juice WRLD,” who tragically died of an overdose in 2019.

The hackers also retweeted other accounts claiming they “have Joe kidnapped.”

“Burning my PC after this feds aint catching me,” another retweet, presumably from the hacker, read.

Naturally, fans were [virtually] shouting at Joe to wake up and reclaim his account,  but as it currently stands, it looks like the account is still in the hands of the hackers.

Although Joe hasn’t said anything yet, his fans have been quick to condemn the hacker’s actions.

More to come.

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