Japanese Cops Arrest A Bloke Carrying A Bunch Of Pingas Shaped Like Wario

A 27 year-old man has been arrested in Tokushima having been found with 50 Nintendo-themed MDMA/ecstasy tablets in his possession, most of them shaped like Mario‘s portly arch-rival, Wario.

[jwplayer cRXUZOer]

As Asahi reports, it’s the third time this year the man, Satoshi Kishimoto, has been caught with narcotics, the other two charges being for dried cannabis and LSD. I’m personally disappointed he hasn’t been done for shrooms, because the Mario / mushroom joke is RIGHT THERE.

A Kobe customs spokesperson told Asahi that over the past few years, MDMA has increasingly been popping up in the shape of characters, with the Wario design recently “increasing in numbers”; it only takes a casual Google search to see what they mean.

Wario MDMA
The Wario Wares. Source: Kobe Customs

While these fat ass Wario Wares are hilarious and all, I want to know if pink Princess Peach pingas are a thing somewhere in Japan too.