A Fuck-Off Huge 18m Tall Gundam Robot In Japan Can Now Move Its Arms & Legs, Which Is Fine

japan giant robot gundam

Well, while everyone’s been busy spending this year on the couch doing some probably much-needed introspection, Japan has gone and built a fucking giant Gundam robot that has been switched on and is now in movement testing.

Seems fine. Absolutely nothing worrying about this whatsoever.

Based on the popular Gundam anime, the 18-metre-tall robot was finished off back in August, and as of this week has started moving its arms, legs and torso. Which feels like it’s very bloody close to being able to stomp all over the place and somehow gain sentience and then rebel against its creators, and then, you’ve got a hell of an issue on your hands.

Don’t worry, there’s footage of it, and it’s just as alarming as you’d expect.

It’s too real. It’s much too lifelike. I cannot accept it to be a good thing whatsoever.

No. Turn it back off, we’ve come too far.

The sped-up video shows the huge-ass robot kneeling down on one knee, moving its legs in a walking motion, moving its arm up and extending out a finger. Kinda like a toddler learning about its own body and what it’s capable of beyond being a little lump of flesh and gurgling noises.

This bit fucked me up. I’m sorry it has just absolutely sent me.

japan giant robot

The internet has reacted exactly how you’d expect to a new video of the fuck-off huge Gundam robot in Japan, with a perfect mixture of intrigue and unbridled absolute-no-fucking-thank-you energies.

2020, it’s still not yet over. Who knows what else it will spew forth from its cursed caverns after this fucking huge robot in Japan? All I know is that I really don’t want anyone to open all those unearthed sarcophagi found in Egypt this week.