As Victoria enters a Stage 4 lockdown with an 8pm curfew for the next 6 weeks, you’re probably missing your mates a fair bit. Yeah? Well, the answer isn’t to disregard the law and go have a cheeky bev in your friend’s backyard. But thankfully, we live in 2020 and the internet is a great way to stay social, even when you’re legally not allowed out after 8pm.

In an attempt to feel some sort of social interaction from the comfort of my one-bedroom apartment, I have invited my friends to a “FaceTime party” tomorrow night. Basically, we’re all going to have a couple of drinks, talk shit, eat some food and hang out. It’s the exact same as an IRL party, but without the risk of spreading viral infections.

But what kinds of games and activities can we do to cure our boredom when we’re not all hanging out in the same room? Well folks, I’ve done some research to find a bunch of fun games you can rope your mates into even if you’re all self-isolating.

Obviously, there’s hundreds of video games to play with your friends, but not everybody has a couple of hundred dollars to spend on a new game console, so I’ve scoured the internet for a bunch of games that only require your phone or laptop.


I asked my coworkers for game ideas and was advised that your Google Home has a nifty little trivia game function. Google Home Trivia comes with a number of different options including Friends trivia, pop culture trivia, music trivia and even an entire game dedicated to Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. 

If you’re not lucky enough to own a Google Home, you can still bust out a trivia night by just googling your own questions. You’d just want to hope your friends aren’t cheaters.

Alternatively, you can all simultaneously do the quizzes in your local paper and be truly wholesome like my boss, who does this with her family and friends on the reg.

Turn into a drinking game by: Taking a shot for every incorrect answer.

Cards Against Humanity:

Cards Against Humanity is a wonderful party game. We’re all bored shitless in isolation, so why not have a laugh and remember that your friends are secretly a bunch of hilarious assholes?

It’s not the same as playing IRL, but if you don’t all have sets of cards, you can play a virtual version of the game.

There’s a couple of apps that let you play online against your friends, personally I use Black Humanity – Against Cards, which offers a free 7-day trial.

Turn into a drinking game by: I’m not exactly sure how this becomes a drinking game but it inevitably does. Always. 

Words With Friends:

Who knows when you’ll be able to see your friends in real life again, so why not make them hate you by being a certified Scrabble asshole on Words With Friends? If you’re working from home or not working at all, your brain could probably use a workout. Not to mention, you can reward yourself with a drink.

Turn this into a drinking game by: The lowest score in each round takes a drink (or a shot)


Picolo is a drunken staple amongst most friendship groups. Obviously, you can’t physically touch the other players, so you might have to skip a few actions, but you can still make the most of the game over FaceTime or Google Hangouts. You might just want to avoid the horny versions of this game because who knows when you’ll be getting laid again.

Turn this into a drinking game by: This is already a drinking game, but you could substitute for water/tea/soft drink if you’re NOT drinking.

Heads Up!:

This game is a little dependent on your webcam quality, but Ellen Degeneres’ beloved party game Heads Up! could be a wonderful addition to your FaceTime/Google Hangouts party. Unfortunately, this app isn’t free, so it might not be an option if your friends are already stressed about the current state of the economy.

Alternatively, you could play a good ol’ fashioned game of celebrity heads.

Turn this into a drinking game by: I don’t recommend drinking for every correct/incorrect answer because you’ll end up inebriated after one round. Maybe just use this as a fun pastime while having a few casual drinks.

Drink Every Time:

Thanks to the wonderful invention of Netflix Party, you can watch a movie with your besties and play a sneaky game of Drink Every Time. For example: drink every time someone says “Donkey” in Shrek or drink every time you see a dinosaur in Jurassic Park.

Turn this into a drinking game by: This is already a drinking game, but you could substitute for non-alcoholic drinks if you’re staying sober.


Okay, this isn’t *technically* a drinking game, but it’s still worth adding to your virtual party. Thanks to Ashley Tisdale’s iconic TikTok recreation of We’re All In This Together, I’ve been inspired to relive the High School Musical Dance-a-long specials.

But who wants to have a solo dance party when you can re-live your early 00s dance dreams with your friends? Not to mention, you get to look at a baby Zac Efron.

Turn this into a drinking game: After getting your head in the game, you deserve a drink.