Apple Nerds Are Posting Footage Of The iPhone X In The Wild A Month Early

While the iPhone 8 is now well and truly in the hands of the public, the iPhone X is still a month away from its release. We know what it looks like in a controlled environment, but it can be hard to pass judgement on a new piece of tech until you see it for yourself.

Folks around the San Francisco Bay Area have reported a number of sightings of the new device out in the wild, suggesting some lucky nerds have already got their hands on one. A Reddit user recently posted a video of one such phone which you can see below.

Another iPhone X in the wild
by u/anonymousdave52 in apple

There’s nothing too impressive going on here, but it is cool to suss the dynamic backgrounds, and if you look closely, you’ll see a little padlock shake, suggesting the FaceID didn’t unlock the phone for the person holding it. Probably because it’s not their phone.

This particular iPhone X was spotted in San Jose, California, which is pretty close to Apple‘s new headquarters in Cupertino. The obvious explanation, of course, is that it belongs to an employee who has access to the new device.

Another user in the Apple subreddit posted similar footage of 3 Instagram still shots.

Another iPhone X in the wild (3 Photos)
by u/anonymousdave52 in apple

Pre-orders for the X start on October 27, with the phone becoming available on November 3. If you are actually keen on one, it’s best to get in as early as you possibly can to dodge the rumoured production delays.

If you’re not into paying more than $1,500 for a smartphone (fair) and are looking for something more affordable, Google just announced the Pixel 2 and their answer to AirPods, Pixel Buds, which can translate over 40 languages in real-time. The phone starts at around $650, so it’s a pretty tempting alternative.