Let me preface this article by saying that the iPhone is a clever device that contains loads of handy functions and while some people are fully across every single bloody thing an iPhone can do, this is not the case for everyone. So don’t be out here blowing up the comments with “duuuuuh! I already knew that! I need you and everyone else to know that I’m superior because I already knew that!!!!!!”

Because, like, that’s great for you and all, but maybe not everyone is aware of this new trick, so for the people who actually stand to benefit from this information, pls direct your energy and attention towards something more practical than attempting to one-up the people who haven’t fully studied every single iPhone function.

Which leads me to the tea at hand.

Ever since restaurants, cafes, bars, etc reopened with the easing of COVID rules, we’ve been forced to get up close and personal with QR codes as every establishment makes you whip out your iPhone and sign in before entering for contact tracing purposes.

I’ve noticed that people have different methods of doing this, my personal method is to open the camera app and hold it over the QR code, then click through to the website.

But the iOS 14 update includes an app called the Code Scanner app which you won’t see in the App Library as it only exists in the Control Centre on your iPhone, so unless you’ve actually gone looking for it, you probs have no idea it exists and have been using the camera to sign in like a chump (read: like me).

So here’s how ya do it: swipe down on the Home Screen, type “Code Scanner” into the search bar, and there it is!

Our Easter Pressie For You Is This Hidden iPhone Trick That Came With The New iOS Update

To make your dining experience much simpler, you can add the Code Scanner app to your iPhone Control Centre by going to Settings and then clicking Control Centre.

Once you’ve done this, click the green plus symbol next to the Code Scanner app.

You’ll then be able to access the app when you swipe on your Home Screen to see other Control Centre apps like Torch or Camera.

You’re most welcome, mates. Happy Easter!