Instagram Listens To Your Bitchin’, Finally Rolls Out Handy Drafts Feature

How infuriatingly shite is it when you’ve applied the perfect blend of 25 Instagram filters to ya sik pic only to realise that you can’t post it right now ‘cos your boss thinks you’re at home sick, but really you’re fangin’ bulk durries with tha boys in Scotty‘s clapped out Pulsar? We’ve all been there. 

The good folks down at the Instagram factory feel your pain and have responded with the ability to FINALLY save drafts rather than throwing them into the electronic bin without even asking. They began testing the feature last month and have now made it available to the rest of us. 
It’s piss-easy too, just hit ‘back’ on ya incomplete post of Johnno hitting a PHAT beer bong and it will ask you whether you’d like to save the post as a draft. Of course, Johnno is just SCREAMING that you do. Classic Johnno. Drafts will appear in their very own section and can be managed via the ‘Manage’ button. 
No doubt you Insta-fiends will be all over this like garlic sauce on a HSP so to you, we say, have fun. 
Source: Mashable.
Photo: Instagram.