Instagram users have reported a whole host of issues, including the app crashing, getting locked out of their accounts and losing loads of followers. Sorry, but how am I supposed to look at everyone I vaguely know from high school’s wedding pictures now? Don’t say Facebook.

On Monday and Tuesday, people around the world said they’d been unable to access their Insta accounts while others reported that their app kept crashing.

According to 7News, people have experienced a range of different glitches.

“Some simply have a ‘user-account-not-found-style’ message,” reporter Tim Lester said on Sunrise.

“But more curious is many thousands have received a message that their account was suspended on October 31 2022 and that they have 30 days in which to explain their apparent offence against community standards.

“For many thousands this is completely unexpected and out of the blue.”

Insta acknowledged the bug via Twitter — oh, the irony — and said on Tuesday at 9am AEST that it had been fixed.

“We’ve resolved this bug now — it was causing people in different parts of the world to have issues accessing their accounts and caused a temporary change for some in numbers of followers,” Instagram said.


But in the replies to that tweet today, people have said they were still locked out of their accounts.

Very mysterious indeed. Look, maybe a bit of forced time off of Insta isn’t a bad thing at all. But if I’m in the mood to scroll, I’m in the mood to scroll goddamnit!

On Down Detector, an app which tracks complaints about website crashes, complaints spiked between about 11.45pm and 3am in Australia. Complaints here peaked at around 759 — though Down Detector’s chart shows a handful of users are still publishing problem reports. In the US, more than 7000 complaints were reported at the peak of the crash.

At the moment, Instagram hasn’t revealed what exactly triggered the bug. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg could pour like 10 per cent less time into the Metaverse and instead make Instagram good again.

Fundamentally, this is why I’ll always be a We Heart It loyalist. It may not have fancy-schmancy Reels or Stories, but it has some lovely wee pictures.

That app lives in 2013 and therefore has never let me down.

Image: The CW / Gossip Girl