There It Is: Instagram Is Already Attempting To Cut BeReal’s Grass And It’s Cringey As Hell

Instagram copies BeReal in new prototype update

Like clockwork, Instagram is already doing what it does best: copying another up-and-coming app. BeReal is the latest victim of the dreaded Instagram update.

Instagram is testing a new feature called IG Candid Challenges where at a certain randomised time every day, the app will notify users to post an “IG Candid” — which is taken with both the front and back camera. Once the user has opened the camera, they only have two minutes to take the IG Candid.

Sound familiar?

That’s because it’s literally a dupe of the entire premise of BeReal, a newly popular social media platform which Instagram is clearly threatened by. The only difference between the two is the IG Candid is posted to Stories, not a feed.

BeReal has taken the world by storm, and is honestly the only social media I really have an attachment to right now.

On top of the above function of posting a candid, spontaneous image every day, the app also promotes authenticity. Which is pretty refreshing given I’m sick of hyper-curated Instagram pictures.

Unlike every other app, there’s also no infinite scroll or DM function on BeReal — which means I actually use it for a reasonable time and then log off until the next day. Gorgeous.

The new Instagram feature mimicking BeReal was spotted by developer Alessandro Paluzzi who is known for figuring out sneaky updates early.

He pointed out Instagram has already added a “dual” setting to its in-app camera which copies the picture-taking style of BeReal.

An Instagram spokesperson confirmed the feature to Engadget and described it as an “internal prototype.” They didn’t give any other details though so it’s unclear if this prototype will actually be released.

But, given the way the app has copied TikTok and Snapchat in the past (via Reels and Stories), I think we know what to expect.

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