If you’ve been wondering why no one’s getting back to you on iMessage today, it’s not something you said, the service is just having a bit of a moment pretty much everywhere in the world.

According to a bunch of users, messages are either failing to send or simply not coming through to the recipient. I tested mine at the time of writing and it seems to be fine, but plenty of people are still having issues.

A Downdetector heat map of the outage shows that most reports are coming from the US, but there definitely appears to be a lot coming from our major cities, as well.

Apple’s own system status page shows that everything seems to be running as normal, which either means services should be returning to normal shortly or it’s not registered here.

There are also reports that FaceTime is or was down at some point, as well. Naturally, everyone took to Twitter to express their frustration, with some alleging that Apple told them the services would be fixed by tomorrow.

So if you’ve been having issues today, you’re definitely not the only one. I’d wager Apple will be working pretty hard to fix the issue as fast as possible given it’s one of the company’s biggest services.

Image: Nelly - Dilemma