If This Photo Leak Is Real, ‘Call Of Duty’ Could Be Heading Back To WW2

The very first Call of Duty was a big deal to me. Unlike other WW2 shooters, COD was one of the first to make you feel like an ordinary soldier, rather than a lone wolf. 

And then came the Modern Warfare series. Den’t get me wrong, they were good games, but they just didn’t feel as intense as their WW2 variants, including World at War. Since MW2, shit got real tedious. 
In February, the game’s publisher Activision announced that the franchise would be “going back to its roots”, which was probably the biggest hint thus far that the next COD game would be set during WW2.  
YouTube channel TheFamilyVideoGamers recently published a video with alleged leaked marketing material for the next COD game and oh boy, it looks tasty, pals. 
Old mate reckons he received an anonymous email containing the five images, four of which appear to be metal case covers. Suss the clip below. 
In a time where Photoshop literacy is extremely common, it’s entirely possible that some joker slapped these images together themselves as a sick rouse, but coupled with Activision’s own statement on the direction of the franchise, they could well be genuine. 
The company also admitted that the current futuristic setting is beginning to smell like stale piss and that “traditional combat will once again take center stage”. Nice. 
Considering the Battlefield franchise took their own trip back in time, it makes sense that COD would follow suit. 
Photo: COD / Activision.