Good news, photo hoarders, your next phone might just have enough space for your enormous gallery and then some if the latest rumours are correct.

Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei, has a new phone coming out pretty soon called the P20 and it could be getting a deluxe version with a whopping 512GB of storage space, which is actually more than most current MacBook Pros.

That’s some intense spacial qualities for a device that can fit in your pocket. Think of all the room for pictures and videos of activities.

Originally spotted by PhoneRadar, the device’s details appeared on the Chinese regulatory website, TENAA, in February. The site also said it will contain 6GB of RAM, which is double what the iPhone X is packing.

But it’s not just Huawei who’s jumping on the increased storage, either. Samsung started making 512GB drives for phones back in December 2017, so it’s safe to say most brands will be upping their game pretty soon. Whether or not Huawei is making their own drives or using Samsung’s is yet to be confirmed.

The company is well known for using Leica camera lenses in their smartphones, and having used a P10 for a short while, I can tell you the quality of image is sensational. You can expect even better from the P20, which is probably why they need to up the storage capacity – recording at 4K takes up a lot of room. Every 3 minutes of 4K footage equates to roughly 1GB.

The P20 is due out on the 27th of March.

Source: PhoneRadar
Image: Huawei