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Weirdly, it can kinda be a nightmare. You’re lonely, in your PJs, have Cheezels dust all over your fingers / keyboard and have found yourself in a dank-meme hole for the last hour. 

How To Work Productively From Home Even Though Your Bed’s Like, Right There

Stress less, counterproductive humans, ’cause we won’t let you hurt yourself any longer. While the home office is no easy feat, it’s 100% doable if the right practices are put in place. Here, let us show you hot to reach new and uncharted heights or productivity within your own four walls.


You mightn’t have to venture half way across town to get to an office like a good percentage of other 9-5’ers, but the best thing for productivity (as well as your own hygiene) is to pretend that you do.

While it’s so easy to roll out of bed at 8.55am, you should wake up at least 30mins to an hour before you start working so that you’re actually mentally and physically awake before you get cracking. This will give you enough time to have a shower, dry your hair, put on legit clothes and have breakfast – something that so many people who work from home don’t do and suffer with output because of it. 

How To Work Productively From Home Even Though Your Bed’s Like, Right There

A study called “Enclothed Cognition” in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology explained how attire can systematically influence your behaviour. Participants wearing lab coats, which as y’may know is associated with attentiveness and carefulness, showed increased selective attention. Pyjamas are NOT associated with productivity, so just don’t.


If you currently work or study from home, you’ll know full well that it’s one lonely sitch. You hear about offices full of 40 people, able to bounce ideas off one another and some unbeknown-to-you concept called teamwork – an isolated feeling so strong it’d demotivate anyone.

How To Work Productively From Home Even Though Your Bed’s Like, Right There

Now, we don’t suggest you keep in touch with people solely via email and online chats. We want you to pick up the phone, go get some coffee on your break from the local (and tell the barista your life story while you’re at it), or set up a Skype call for your next meeting. Telling people your progress in the day’s tasks makes you more accountable for your actions (or lack thereof) and it’s just all-round better for your mental and career wellbeing.


If you’re lucky enough to work the hours you want to, you should still have allocated times for getting things done, as well as deadlines – none of this “Will do it when I get up” or “Will finish it after dinner with Barbs tonight” nonsense. Schedule your working hours every day and make them achievable so you can’t peeve yourself off.

Even whack in an actual break (and preferably go outside and get some fresh air while you’re at it) so that you don’t have an excuse for 7 mini-breaks throughout the day – this’ll help you recharge properly before getting back into it.

How To Work Productively From Home Even Though Your Bed’s Like, Right There


Because the lines between work and play are so easily blurred in your own home, you need to clearly define which rooms are the areas you get things done in, and which are the ones you Netflix and chill in – don’t get them confused.

Once that’s specified, you want your desk to look as hot as it possibly can with the best tools of the trade. Think the v. sleek, v. thin HP Spectre – which is not only bloody beautiful, but it’s just as good for streaming your faves as it is compiling spreadsheets. It’ll set the groundwork for your organisational stationery that surround it, as well as some plants and A+ arrangement for ze ol’ feng shui. 

There’s nothing like a mundane, cluttered space to prevent the brainpower from flowing, mainly cause thinking about mess and/or cleaning it is an ‘uuuuge driver of procrastination. If your desk is sexier than your mid-week date, you’ll want to work it just like you did that sitch.

How To Work Productively From Home Even Though Your Bed’s Like, Right There

Now go forth and work work work work work.

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