How To Convince Your M8 To Hand Over Their Old Phone For Free Without Seeming Cheap

how to score your mates phone for free

So, you need a phone. Urgently. But you have no cash to actually buy one. While we could argue that you probably should have thought of that before you broke your last one, we’re not petty — so we have solutions.

We know you probably couldn’t care less about the latest and greatest innovations in tech, and anyway, you’re in no position to demand such things. Congrats, you’re about to find yourself begging your mate for a phone.

Asking for favours can be awkward for some people, and for others, it’s a tactless endeavour that rarely pays off. That’s where we come in, and before you say anything, you’re welcome, okay. We asked around the office and collated some tips to help you talk your mate into giving over their old phone, quickly. We promise we’ll have you sending out the obligatory “new phone, who dis?” texts by the end of the day (we’re that good).

Post A Vague Facebook Status Asking If Anyone’s Selling A Phone

This is the tech equivalent of a 3am “you up?” text and honestly, the results are pretty similar. Sometimes it pays off, and sometimes it just doesn’t. The trick here is to immediately take the conversation to DMs the moment someone offers up a phone — that way, you’ll keep your options open if anyone else replies with a better option.

Throw It Out To The Family WhatsApp Chat

Sending a little “woe is me” message to the family WhatsApp chat may just be the simplest way to pick up a new-to-you phone for doughnuts. Depending on the relationship you have with your fam, there’s bound to be someone willing to toss you their old phone. And actually, bribing them with doughnuts probably wouldn’t hurt either, now that we mention it.

Rig Up An Impressive PowerPoint Preso To Prove You Actually Deserve It

When it comes to convincing your friend to hand over a phone (that they paid good money for, no less) without chipping in some cash to their brunch fund, you need to be strategic. Treat this like a business deal you’re desperately trying to land and rig up a PowerPoint preso that makes them say, “Fine, if you want it that badly, take it and shut up!” And if that doesn’t work, make them a funny meme they simply cannot refuse.

Offer Them Something They Want As A Sort Of Swapsies

You know your friends better than anyone, so you also know their weaknesses. The trick is to give them something that has genuine value to them but also costs you next to nothing. Surprise them with a coffee before work, cook them (or order) dinner, and if all else fails, subject yourself to some light public embarrassment and give them permission to rip you about it whenever they want.

You could also offer them some intel on the sweetest mobile phone deals you can find — like the new Dodo $20 monthly plan that offers 12 gigs of data (which is, just quietly, double what it used to be) and therefore heaps of bang for your buck. Hell, offer to pay a month’s phone bill for them to really sweeten the deal.