Here’s A Life-Changing iPhone Keyboard Hack & You Are So Welcome, M8s

How fucking annoying is it when you’ve written a message on your iPhone only to find you’ve made an error a few lines above, leaving you to struggle with that woeful magnifying glass for 15 seconds too long? If you said anything less than 50 annoyings, I don’t believe you. 

Well it turns out we’ve been suffering unnecessarily, folks, because there’s a far easier way to move the cursor around your drunken mess of a text. The only catch is you’ll need a fairly recent iPhone to use it. 
The sneaky trick utilises the phone’s 3D touch feature, so only the iPhone 6S and above are capable. To do it, just hold your finger down on the keyboard (not the text you’ve written) and wait for it to go blank. Once the letters have disappeared, move your finger around to control the cursor location in the text above.
Life-changing, no? I’m relieved, yet furious. I could have been doing this shit for bloody ages. Fuck.  
Apple apparently announced the feature last year but like many, I clearly missed it. What an idiot. 
You can see an example of the feature in the YouTube video below. You’re welcome. 
Photo: Parks and Recreation. 

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