Chaffed nipples, the inability to eat stinky cheese and a tiny person kicking in your ribcage on the daily are just some of the downsides to pregnancy.

As far as I can tell, though – as someone who’s never actually gone through pregnancy – one definite upside is that your body does most of the groundwork: you, the human, follows a set of basic rules like no-alcohol-for-nine-months and, all things going well, it’ll cover the rest. But if the future has its way, we’re going to be a whole lot more responsible for our future baby’s safe passage into the world.

Students studying product design at ArTEZ, an arts university in the Netherlands, have designed an internet-connected incubator that would allow a child to grow completely outside the womb i.e. in your living room, the same place you murder your plants.

The Par-tu-ri-ent pod features a feeding device that delivers mushed up food with all the right nutrients direct to your futuristic baby, a microphone that lets you talk shit to it and even a clear lid so you can obsess over every stage of its growth.

Growing A Baby In Your Lounge Room Could Be The Future & Twitter Is Shook

Check it out:

The students have no intention of bringing the Par-tu-ri-ent to life, but it’s not that far-fetched a concept when you consider how far science has already come; in April, researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia successfully delivered baby lambs that were gestated in a a yuck ‘bio-bag’ filled with amniotic fluid.

While the concept could be a dream for couples who are infertile or women incapable of carrying a baby due to illness, it’s still some scary-ass, Matrix-style shiz and Twitter is not OK with the concept.

Sorry in advance for my failure to adult, future child.

Source and photo: Fast Co Design.