In 50 years there is no doubt in my mind that we will all be slaves to the mighty Google empire, who have either used their army of hyper-informed robots to overthrow society, or have themselves been overthrown by their robots, who in turn overthrew the rest of society.

Google Announces Robot DJ ‘Cause They Know Your Tastes Better Than You Do

Until that day comes though, I am 100% happy to give them all of my personal data so that their apps somehow remind me when my flights are and tell me how long it will take to get where I’m going before I even tell them that I’m going there.

For those that have chosen Google Play Music over Apple Music or Spotify in the streaming wars, you’ll be getting some of that sweet Google smarts next time you update, with a new feature for putting together playlists based on, well, everything Google knows about you.

Using things like time of day, weather, location and blood alcohol level (that last one is made up), Play will serve you up exactly what it reckons you need / want to hear. You’ll still have access to your playlists and can search for music, but the first thing you’ll see when you open that bad boy up is whatever it thinks is most appropriate.

Lead product manager Elias Roman says his end goal is that users will just hit play on the first thing that comes up on the screen and be happy with the results every time, which would be wild, but at this stage I wouldn’t trust people that have known me for years to pick music for me, let alone the same service that keeps showing me sports results for the Baltimore Ravens because I Googled them once 2 years ago.

I’m keen to give it a trial just to see whether or not robots are close to taking over or we’ve still got a little while yet.

Google Announces Robot DJ ‘Cause They Know Your Tastes Better Than You Do

Source: Wired.