8 Gift Ideas For The Mates In Your Life Massively Into Pop Culture

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If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for a pop culture obsessive, I feel you. True heads have already splashed out and bought the basics — they own the T-shirt, the plush Baby Yoda and the figurines.

With that in mind, I’ve found a handful of options via our friends at ZiNG for when you’re trying to impress the next-level fan — the one who lives, breathes and masticates all things Marvel, Harry Potter, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and more. Here are eight items to make their special occasion even more memorable.

Boba Fett Waffle Maker

If your giftee is the kind of nerd who already owns just about everything pop culture, I’d wager they still don’t have a Boba Fett Waffle Maker. This bad boy is non-stick and has five different temperature settings, so your mate can get their waffles just how they like them.

And if they do already have a Boba Fett Waffle Maker, well, I’ll eat my damn hat.

Jumanji Ultimate Deluxe Edition Board Game

Ultimate and deluxe? Ok, you have my attention.

This Jumanji board game is set out just like the one from the classic movie. I mean, it’s certainly not going to send gigantic mosquitos or carnivorous plants your way, but I’d say it’s the next best thing. The green dome even lights up like the real deal. A great game to bust out after a huge Christmas lunch.

Harry Potter – Hogwarts Duffle Bag

We all need a good duffle in our lives, and why not make it a little magic? This PU leather bag comes with a pocket inside, so your friend can safely store away their galleons and knuts. Perfect for the Potter-obsessive who likes it to be known.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Terry Loves Yoghurt Bowl

Maybe ‘Terry loves yoghurt’ means nothing to you, but for Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, it means everything. This bowl even has a picture of Terry Crews at its base, a little gift once your friend’s finished their yoghurt (okay, or anything, but it probably should be yoghurt, right?). And if they’re more of a Captain Holt lover, you could grab this mug showcasing his many moods, too.

Marvel – Spider-Man – Lamp Post Desktop Light

Call it out Spidey-senses, but your mate who’s a Spider-Man stan would love this lamp, featuring Peter Parker ready to fling into action. 34cm in high, it’s perfect for a study or table light, with adjustable brightness and a USB charger.

Star Wars – The Mandalorian – The Child Floral Short Sleeve Shirt

Colourful and festive, this short-sleeved shirt is a mix of adorable Grogu illustrations and pretty florals. It’s almost as cute as Baby Yoda — almost (it’s an impossible ask). Grab it in a men’s or women’s cut, for that Mandolorian fan who needs as much Baby Yoda in their life as possible.

Marvel – Legends Series Iron Man Nano Gauntlet

Arguably Iron Man’s most important invention (it did save the entire galaxy in Endgame!), the Gauntlet allowed him to wield the six Infinity Stones’ power. With removable stones, pulsating glowing lights and sound effects for that perfect ‘Snap!’ sound, this collectable is a must-have for any MCU obsessive.

Disney – The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally 16-Piece Dinner Set

For those who heard Blink-182‘s Mark Hopper sing about being “like Jack & Sally” on ‘I Miss You’ and agreeing that it’s the cutest thing ever, this Nightmare Before Christmas dinner set brings a bit of gothic joy to the holiday season. Make sure they open it before lunch, for ♫♫Halloweeeeeen On Christmas♫♫.

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