‘Fortnite’ Is Backing Up That Boonta Travis Scott Concert With A Diplo & Friends Gig This Week

After Travis Scott performed to over 12 million players within the realms of Fortnite, the game launched the new game mode called ‘Party Royale’ where artists can play gigs. And now Diplo is set to bring a few friends to the platform, with a gig as his kinda-alter-ego, Thomas Wesley.

Young Thug and Noah Cyrus are set to join the yee-haw party boy on the Party Royale island, where there’s an amnesty on weapons so viewers don’t get picked off by enemies while trying to enjoy the show. You probably can still throw fast food though, so absolutely feel free to hoick a burger at Diplo’s noggin or something.

Is it going to be wilder than that time he played a DJ set on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Who’s to say.

The three artists/players will land on the main stage of the Party Royale mode at 11am AEST on Friday June 26, and I’m curious as to how it’s gonna look. Will they all be immensely large like Travis was in his show? Will Diplo show up on the back of a horse like the true LA cowboy he is? Can we all wear hats? Is there a costume memo?

Considering Diplo already pulled over a solid 400k people to his TikTok prom with Dillon Francis, I reckon this gig is probably gonna be pretty big, too.

The Fortnite X Diplo gig is the first big event since the server-crashing doomsday event that created a tidal wave storm earlier this month, heralding the next season of the game, which kicked off on June 17.

So if you’re keen to see how Diplo, Noah Cyrus and Young Thug will infiltrate the no-weapons realm of the Fortnite universe, boot up your console, download some new emotes, and tune in on Friday morning.