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If you’re the type of person who won’t send back the wrong dish to the kitchen because you don’t want to cause a ~fuss~, you’ll be relieved to hear that changing your NBN plan is nowhere near as awkward or difficult.

Nobody should settle for a sluggish internet speed. Especially when you’ve got Hot Girl shit to accomplish, like binging the entire first half of You S4 or playing a few rounds of FIFA online. When all of your housemates are also pushing your router to its limits, the pace of your internet speed can feel a lot like watching ice melt on a cold day.

The Fastest NBN Plans To Switch To If You Want Yr Router To Fly Like Gossip In The Group Chat

We’ve put together the fastest NBN plans for every speed-tier from a range of providers, so you can enjoy some quick speeds that’ll still give you the most bang for your buck. Besides, having housemates is great for splitting the monthly bill.

From NBN 25 to NBN 1000, here are the the fastest NBN plans ranked by speed tier. (Oh and FYI, most of these plans operate on an unlimited basis with no lock-in contract)

Fastest NBN 25 plans

Realistically, an NBN 25 plan is ideal for couples on a budget. It’s not the slowest existing speed tier, but you’ll probably notice a lag when downloading large files or games.

These NBN 25 plans are looking the same, same, but a little different. While all are equal in terms of your typical evening speeds – a congestion-free 25Mbps – it’s the prices that’ll vary.

Right now, the cheapest is with Tangerine for $44.90/month for the first six months, after which your rate will go up to $59.90/month.

If you want the next most affordable plan, look to Exetel, which will cost you $53.95/month, before changing to $64.95 a month after the introductory six-month period.

Fastest NBN 50 plans

If your household consists of between two to four people, then this NBN plan will serve you nicely. This happens to be the most popular option with the common folk, since it’s both affordable and efficient. It’ll let multiple users stream their respective reality TV shows at the same time, while still allowing the keyboard warrior of your household to tap away on Twitter.

For the absolute cheapest and fastest NBN plan in this speed tier, we recommend swinging for Dodo at $53.85/month for the first six months. After the initial six months, your rate will shoot up to $75. Alternatively, you can go with Exetel, which is offering the exact same speeds for 10 cents more. Plus, it’ll cost you a smidge less ($74.95) once your six-month trial is finito.

But (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) if you’re not a Type A personality that will remember to switch at the end of the six-month period so you can get consistently cheaper internet, then the next fastest NBN provider is Spintel, which will save you more in the long run. It has the same maximum evening speeds of 50Mbps, but at $54/month for the first six months before switching to $64.95 a month going forward.

Fastest NBN 100 plans

If you live in a big household or you consider yourself the most chronically online person on the planet, this is the best plan to choose if your connection needs some oomph. This is an ideal option for creatives such as those who like to stream, play games or need to upload videos regularly.

A fair few NBN providers offer a maximum of 100Mbps, with the fastest offered by Dodo at $63.85/month and followed by Exetel at $68.95/month. Just note that both of these sick deals are only available for a six-month period before they revert back to their full price, which is $85/month and $84.95/month, respectively.

So, if you’re A) not a Virgo or B) unlikely to be fcked updating your plan again after the end of the six-month trial, we’d lean towards Exetel, which has the slightly cheaper full price after the introductory period ends.

Fastest NBN 250 plans

An NBN 250 plan will sort ya if you’re after something that’s super fast. We’re not talking lightning speed, but it is blazingly fast. You’ll be the envy of hardcore gamers everywhere with this type of NBN plan. Just keep in mind that some households can’t support an NBN 250 plan, so you’ll need to check if your place has an FTTP or HFC NBN connection available before you commit – otherwise, you’ll be paying for an expensive plan with zero results.

Without further ado, the best deal going right now is with Southern Phone for $95/month over its six-month introductory period. After those initial few months, the price will catapult to $115/month. But you’ll score the maximum evening speed capacity of 250Mbps, whereas the others on this list are more expensive and cap out at 240Mbps. It’s a clear winner to us, folks.

For a cheaper option, Superloop is your next fastest NBN provider so they’ll be your best mate. It’s slinging an introductory offer of $88.95/month for a speed that’s a teensy bit slower at 240Mbps. The price will jump up to $113.95/month after, which is cheaper than most full-price NBN 250 plans. That’s what we call a bargain, baby.

Fastest NBN 1000 plans

Got a need for speed? The world is your oyster, you can do anything, upload anything within this speed tier. This is the fastest NBN plan you can grab, however, it’s only available to households with a FTTP or HFC connection.

You want fast? We’ll give you fast. The fastest NBN provider on this list is Telstra, which is able to zoom ahead at 700Mbps during peak hours. It does come at a hefty $180/month, which isn’t the cheapest option, but we’ll get to that in a moment. In addition, you’ll also get your first 12 months of Kayo Basic, two months of BINGE and three months of Apple TV+ for free as a nice bonus. Let’s go, let’s go big spenda.

If you want a cheaper, but still fast NBN 1000 plan, then you gotta go with Origin, which is $144/month for the first six months of your connection, and then $154/month. Plus, as a little sweetener, you can also save an additional $10/month if you choose to bundle your energy with your internet. Just note that you’re not getting the fastest speed on offer, since you’re capped out at 600Mbps.

While Aussie Broadband doesn’t have any offers going, its NBN 1000 plan has the same speeds as Origin’s. Aussie Broadband’s plan will set you back $149/month, so if you’re someone who likes to set and forget, it shakes out to be cheaper in the long run when compared to Origin’s discounted plan.

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