Are you bored in the house and you’re in the house bored? WELL, let me introduce you to a little (big) game called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout that I reckon will be the next big thing in both gaming and you know, stuff to do when you can’t leave the house.

Even my non-gamer friends have been absolutely obsessed with this bad boy for the last week, and for good reason. It’s basically what you’d get if Mario Party and Fortnite had a really fun baby that was also a bean. Let me explain…

So, like Fortnite, it’s a battle royale-style game, which basically means you’re chucked in with a bunch of other players and have to fight to the death. To put it simply, it’s the video game equivalent of The Hunger Games.

But unlike Fortnite, which is basically impossible to win at this point because you’re matched against people who have been playing since the day it came out, Fall Guys doesn’t really require much skill.

You basically just have to race to the finish, avoid falling off platforms and complete various simple mini games before the rest of the players. Sure, you can improve and get better than other players, but there’s not the same skill gap you’d see in other games like Fortnite.

This makes it super accessible for even the most amateur of gamers (which is perfect if you’re just looking to kill some time in iso).

To make it even more enticing, you get to play as the virtual-equivalent of those Mighty Beanz we all loved (and maybe ate) as kids. It’s super cute visually, and is just heaps of fun if you’re bored in the house and you’re in the house bored.

It’ll only set you back $28.95 on PC, or $29.95 on PS4 (but it’s currently free if you’ve got a PlayStation Plus membership).

Don’t believe me? Well here, have a look at some highlights that have been doing the rounds on Twitter.

Image: mediatonic