In one helluva MySpace-era throwback, Facebook is introducing the ability to add a song to your profile, just like the good old days.

While the company hasn’t specified when you’ll be able to utilise the feature, it says you’ll soon be able to add what you’re currently listening to, or your all-time-favourite tracks to a new music section on your profile page. A song can also be pinned to the top of your profile underneath your display picture, which will look like the image below.


Artists are visually represented as well. If someone decides to play the track on your profile, they’ll see a video featuring photos of the artist as well as the relevant album art. Folks will also have the option to add that song to their own profile if they feel like copying the shit out of you.

Facebook is also launching music in Stories, which should be available starting today. It’ll work almost identically to Instagram, in that the music will be available as a sticker you can move around on the picture or video you’re sharing to Stories.

Furthermore, the platform is expanding its Lip Sync Live feature which, as the name suggests, allows you to video yourself lip syncing various popular songs.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m all about that profile song business, so just fast track that shit, please. Prepare your edgiest songs, friends.

Image: MySpace