If you’re part of just about any Facebook group, you may have seen one or all of them switch their status to “Secret” recently, and there’s a weird as fuck reason for it.

It all comes down to something called Zuccing, a tactic used by trolls to have Facebook groups closed down by posting suss content to the group’s feed, only to instantly report that content to Facebook. The group is generally deleted or suspended as a result.

As Motherboard reports, a group known as the Indonesian Reporting Commission is responsible for a lot of these recent Zuccings. Members have been mass-joining groups just to have them taken down, but there doesn’t appear to be any reason for this. They just seem to be doing it because they’re a pack of assholes.

Once the news got out, groups everywhere set their status to secret as a precaution, which makes the group undiscoverable when searching and only allows new members to join if they are invited. In other words, it stops the Indonesian Reporting Commission from fucking everything up.

While simply being a closed group allows admins to vet new members, jerks can still slip through the cracks, even if they’re made to answer questions upon requesting to join.

It’s certainly a weird way for people to pass the time, but I guess that’s what being a troll is all about. Facebook is yet to respond to the Zuccing nonsense, but I’d wager they’ll introduce some sort of failsafe to make sure innocent groups aren’t shut down.

So if your favourite shitposting meme group disappears, it could be because it was Zucced.

Source: Motherboard
Image: The Simpsons