Facebook Groups Can Now Deny Entry To Unwashed Plebs With Custom Quizzes

Social media behemoth, Facebook, is now letting creators of Groups screen potential members with a quiz containing up to three questions. 

The aim is to allow admins to keep trolls and abusive users out of Groups where their shit is not welcome.  
The new feature is part of the company’s wider efforts to make the platform a safer place for users, particularly in the wake of numerous violent and abusive content either streamed live or uploaded after the fact. 
Rolling out today, you can find this feature in Group settings under “Ask Pending Members Questions”. You can set up a maximum of three different questions that will be presented to folks who request to join your group. 
Both open and closed groups will be able to implement the screen, but secret groups will not. Given members need to be invited to secret groups, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to whack it in there, would it? 
Old mate Mark Zuckerberg has been hinting at such changes for a little while, stating back in February that the platform plans to “expand groups to support sub-communities,” so we can probably expect even more similar changes in the future. 
As Facebook continues to have an incredibly large influence on the lives of billions of people, it’s important for the “not a media company” to realise its power and act accordingly. 
Steps such as these are an example of necessary adaptation to an evolving user base where fake news is dangerous and villainous idiots have the ability to draw a crowd. 
Here’s hoping they’re working hard on even more ways to shut down internet jerks. 
Source: The Verge.
Photo: The Simpsons.