Woman Shares Story Of Missing Her Friend’s Death Due To FB’s Algorithm

Since Facebook introduced algorithms to prioritise what you see on your news feed, it’s generally assumed that posts made by your pals would be shown over, say, promotional posts by company pages. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Twitter user Caryn Vainio (@Hellchick) posted an incredibly sad story today about a friend who had passed away. She was informed of his death by a mutual friend and was shocked that she hadn’t seen anything from him on Facebook, considering the pair used the platform as a means of staying in touch.

When she checked his page, sure enough, there were statuses he had posted about being hospitalised that never showed up in Vainio’s feed, despite her changing it to display ‘most recent’ posts. The Facebook algorithm had chosen not to show the messages. You can see her entire story below.

It’s extremely sad that Vainio missed out on a chance to say goodbye to her friend because of an algorithm, but it’s even sadder that her friend, who put his trust in a social media platform to spread the word that he was unwell, potentially died thinking no one cared. I can’t even begin to fathom how that must feel.

It certainly poses the question – how much trust can we really place in the hands of social media? They certainly want us to feel safe sharing our lives with the internet, but if that’s the case, they simply must do better than this.