Tech experts reckon the next version of iOS is going to fuck with a bunch of your apps. Almost 200,000 of them. 

The fear is emerging on the back of rumours that iOS 11 will not support 32 bit smartphone architecture, which means iPhones 5 and below will more or less become obsolete. 

Expert-Level Nerds Reckon iOS 11 Will Kill 8% Of The Entire App Store

You see, modern smartphones run on a 64 bit system and when they run 32 bit apps, it can slow them down. In order to stop this from happening, expert nerds reckon Apple will disable 32 bit app support for newer devices. 

“It’s likely that Apple is aiming to reduce the “bloat” and increase the performance of future iOS versions on new 64-bit devices with this (potential) move,” wrote tech website, SensorTower.

It could have been brewing for quite a while, too. In February 2015, Apple told developers that all new apps must be 64 bit compatible and likewise for any updates. 

In other words, any app that hasn’t been updated in 2 years will no longer be supported, and there’s a shit-load of them. SensorTower reckon the number is “approximately 187,000”, or 8 percent of the global App Store. 8 fucking percent.

Expert-Level Nerds Reckon iOS 11 Will Kill 8% Of The Entire App Store

But let’s be honest, any app that hasn’t been updated in that amount of time was probably rubbish anyway. Any self respecting app developer would have seen this change coming a mile away, so those looking to keep their wares alive will have already made the change by now. 

32 bit apps probably won’t be removed from the App Store, so if you’re happy with your old iPhone, you won’t have any dramas accessing and using these relic apps. Whatever floats your goat, m8.

But if your favourite app has been neglected by its developers, that’s on them, not Apple. 

Source: SensorTower.

Photo: Step Brothers.