Evil Pricks Leaked The New ‘Zelda’ Game & Oh God There’s So Many Spoilers

With just days until its release, Nintendo‘s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild content has been leaked and consequently, so have bulk spoilers. 

Recently, some folks found a way to download files related to the game from Nintendo’s own servers. The company plugged that hole pretty quickly, but like most leaks, it was just long enough for all the files to spread everywhere, like a spoiler-ridden STI. 
The first leaks happened in the form of images, some of which were given context from a number of legitimate preview videos already circulating, confirming and validating the leak. 
One such detail is the ability to dye your sick robes and the availability of hoods. 
Some players even went as far as downloading the encrypted game files, which are allegedly playable on the Wii U, providing you have a legitimate digital key. With the pirated game now doing the rounds, spoilers are going to become hard to avoid. 
Roughly 3 hours prior to writing, images of almost every item, object and enemy (even the final boss) in the game have been posted to Imgur
You can view them all here if you really want to.
Leaks are an unfortunate aspect gaming, not only for the developers, but for the gamers wanting an unspoiled experience. Some internet monsters even set up Twitter bots around major releases that send spoilers to those tweeting words associated with the game or movie. 
It’s a fresh, new hell out there for Zelda fans trying to avoid these perils. Good luck to you. 
Source: Kotaku.
Photo: Nintendo. 

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