Elon Musk Has Stopped Meetings To Pull Up Some Cracking ‘Monty Python’ Clips

A recent story by Wired has shone another light on Elon Musk and his increasingly strange behaviour. It turns out the electric car spaceman has stopped meetings to show everyone Monty Python clips.

[jwplayer KlaiocWU]

Musk himself has confirmed this actually happened in the second half of 2017, saying he was showing clips from Monty Python’s Flying Circus to explain why he didn’t want Tesla cars to sound “tinny”. The confirmation was made via a tweet on a Business Insider article about the weird meeting habit.

Please see a very funny excerpt from the Wired yarn below.

“At work, Musk sometimes seemed almost giddy, occasionally interrupting meetings to insist that his colleagues watch clips of Monty Python episodes on his computer, according to several people,” Charles Duhigg wrote.

“A particular favourite was a skit of aristocrats debating the virtues of words like antelope versus sausage. He would play it more than once, laughing uproariously each time, as his colleagues waited to return to the issues at hand.”

The image of Musk absolutely howling over a Monty Python bit while staff nervously wait for him to get back on track is insanely funny, to me. You can check out the sketch below.

In old mate’s defence, the sketch is very good, and I’d be lying if I said I’ve never interrupted something to pull up a cracker YouTube clip on my phone, but hey, I didn’t found two multi-billion dollar companies.

It’s not that weird of a thing to do, but in the context of everything else going on with Musk lately, it paints a worrying picture. The man is allegedly working upwards of 100 hours per week, which isn’t healthy for anyone.

Elon, my dude, have a rest.

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