Elon Musk Is Deadset Building The World’s Biggest Lithium Ion Battery In SA

Super big ol’ business nerd Elon Musk is known for setting himself some pretty lofty fucking goals. 

The CEO and founder of Tesla, SpaceX and a bunch of other techy companies, wants to, amongst other things, shoot humans through tunnelseat pizza on a colony on Mars and pretty much singlehandedly solve global warming, so it’s nice to see him actually following through on one of his bold statements.
tHe BrAiN gEnIuSe
If you recall back in March, Musk made the claim he could help install a battery farm in South Australia to help solve their, not miniscule, energy woes and well you look at that, news has come through today that he’s legit gonna build the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery there.
Premier Jay Weatherill has announced that under an agreement between Tesla, French wind-power company Neoen and the State Government, a 100 mega-watt renewable energy battery will be set up at Hornsdale Power Reserve in the state’s mid-north, with the project due to be set up by the coming summer.
Not only is this a huge step-forward in renewable energies in Australia, and cause for a big sigh of relief from South Australians who have been facing increasinly hectic blackouts and power shortages, but it’s also particulalrly weird given it mostly came about due to a couple of tweets between Musk and Atlassian boss Mike Cannon-Brookes.

The SA government has confirmed that Musk will follow through with his bold promise, with the 100 days set to start counting down as soon as pen is put to paper.
This is definitely one for the history books and puts South Australia at the forefront of global energy storage technology. 
Australia leading the world in a progressive, climate-friendly manner? Turns out it’s possible friends.
Source: ABC News.
Image: Brian Dowling / Getty.