Replace Your Dodgy AF Old Tech With eBay’s 25% Off Sale

eBay Plus

If you’re one of those people who puts off replacing the tech that drives their lives because it’s just too exxy, you are not alone – but you needn’t wait any longer, friend. Your pals over at eBay are letting loose with a mad 25% off premium tech products for all eBay Plus members, all so you can get yourself some sweet, sweet technological goodness direct to your door.

As someone who has held on to their decrepit old laptop for what can only be described as painfully longer than necessary (he’s a tired lil’ machine that has somehow survived a juicer being dropped on the screen and being doused in tea more times than I care to admit, so he deserves a solemn but honourable send-off), this sale has the ideal timing. So it’s time to say adios to the slow, old gear you’ve been carting around.

And with the launch of eBay Plus, you’ve got even more motivation to hop on the eBay train. The brand new subscription service is pretty much the answer to all your lil’ online shopping dreams, with free delivery, free returns, extra flybuys points and more. Seriously, if you’ve got an online shopping habit that sees you deep diving eBay’s range at all hours of the day (I fully support a casual 3am shopping sesh), you’re gonna want to get on board ASAP.

If you’re a regular eBay user you’ll still get 20% off, but with eBay Plus you also get access to exclusive deals – so once you’ve taken advantage of this hectic tech sale you’ll also be able to get a heads-up when more are on their way. And you’d be surprised how much that extra 5% makes a difference; these are big ticket items here, pals. Because as anyone who’s shopped online knows, buying things full-price is for rookies.

Now that you’re saving 25% off tech, chuck $29* of those savings into an eBay Plus annual membership quick and you’re set (*for a limited time only). No dodgy delivery costs, and members get their own dedicated customer service team – so if you ever need to chase something up, you’re in kind, gentle hands.