Crazy Sydney Bloke Is Attempting To Break The Record For Longest Time In VR

A record you didn’t know existed will be challenged by a Sydney man on April 1st and you, my friends, can bear witness to this glorious event. 

Hosted at The VR Corner in Sydney, Jack McNee will attempt to break the record for the Longest Video Game Marathon on a Virtual Reality Game System, currently held by UK tech journo Georgie Barrat 

The time to beat, you ask? Just 25 hours, 24 minutes and 18 seconds. May dog have mercy on his soul. 
Old mate will be using a HTC Vive to play Google‘s VR paint game, Tilt Brush. You can go along to watch the event and even hurl suggestions to Jack on what he should paint in his virtual world. 
How many dicks will be requested and how many will he actually draw? Will he go insane? Will he be trapped in VR forever like a real-life Lawnmower man? We shall certainly see. 
Donations will be collected during the event via a GoFundMe page for The Reach Foundation, a charity that helps young people tackle life challenges.
You can live stream the event right here starting at 9am on the 1st of April. 
Photo: South Park.