Cop An Eyeful Of These Hectic Nintendo-Themed Air Jordans You’ll Never Own

A little while ago we saw some hectic SNES-themed Air Jordans made by Johnny Barry at Freaker Sneaks. They’re cool as fuck and just as expensive, but his new ones have straight-up outdone them. 

These NES Jordans are incredibly limited (there’s only 10 available at the time of writing) and will set you back $US1,250 ($1,599). Along with the sweet colour scheme, the sneakers sport Mario and Duck Hunt labels, a cartridge-shaped tag, and buttons on the back of each one. 
Fuck, that’s insanely cool. The buttons and D-pad were even salvaged from actual controllers and are totally pressable. The details are awesome. 
Barry is an artist from the UK and has made plenty of expensive sneakers via Freaker Sneaks. 
If you’re still hung up on those badass SNES Jordans, but dig the game labels thing, Barry did a similar pair of NBA Jam-themed ones in the US SNES colours for the same price. 
They also have the controller buttons embedded in the back, but not as obviously as the new sneakers.  
As cool as they are, I don’t think I could ever justify spending $1,599 on sneakers. Alternatively, give me the shoes. 

Source: Kotaku.
Photo: Freaker Sneaks. 

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