This Insanely Talented Coder Makes iPhone Games From TikTok Requests & Some Are Truly Fucked

An extremely talented coder on TikTok has been making computer games out of people’s cooked requests and some of them have permanently burnt holes into my retinas.

1Dan on TikTok is a bloody genius, and has made 80 games (most free on the app store). He can literally make s a game out of anything, and has done exactly that – letting TikTokers send in some truly bat-shit requests for game ideas.

Dan’s most recent creation is a game where “pregnant women fight using their babies” and I-I-I can’t deal. The TikTok has already amassed 4.5 million views and I can see why, this man is incredibly talented.

“That’s why I been see all these mobile ads on this app,” one commenter wrote.

“This game getting cancelled,” another wrote.


Reply to @kikipong 😅😂 I feel like this is going too far.. Comment more game ideas! 👉

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The first game 1Dan created from TikTok was one where you “throw sausages on girls” and yeah, the same thing came to my mind too. Thankfully, he gives you the option of throwing sausages on men too (because that’s only fair).


Reply to @darkbanana74 🤣 😶 Here it is! Comment the next games I should create 🤪👉

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He even made a game out where you drive around in a car made out of rapper DaBaby‘s head. Totally epic! *tips fedora*.

Dan has made some really cool games, like Titans 3D and The sweetest part is some people have realised that tthey’ve downloaded most of his games before. It’s just so wholesome.

I reckon I’ve definitely got some of these on my phone.


Reply to @yoursisissus 6 years of work and passion 🙂

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The talent on this guy is unfathomable, and I can’t wait to see what he makes next. One request I spotted that definitley needs to happen is a game where you race Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Now, that I would play.

Just call me a gamer grill xoxo.