Click Frenzy 2020 has almost begun, folks! Are you panicking? I am panicking!! One of the most boonta sales that go down are the Go Nuts ones – you know, where you can pick up an iPhone for $12? Some Airpods for $2? Super casual stuff.

For 2020, Click Frenzy Go Nuts best deal has to be scoring an Apple iPhone 11 for $12. That is insanity, my friends.

But if you’re more in the market for a new hair straightener, they’re also fanging GHD versions for a shocking $3. THREE BUCKS!? For a premium hair straightener? That’s not normal.

Yes, the Apple Airpods are also back. They are $2, again. That could almost make me a wearer of Airpods. Almost.

Click Frenzy Managing Director Greg Arnott told 7 News:“The Airpods have been a huge fan favourite so we have brought more in for Mayhem in 2020.”

The thing is, you need to be a member of Click Frenzy to get access to the incred Go Nuts deals. The good news is, it’s not hard – just head here, it’s free so you’re laughing, really.

Be prepared though – the Click Frenzy Go Nuts deals disappear in record time, every year. You need to be ready and super psyched. None of this faffing around, ohhh do I really need a $12 iPhone business, you know?

The sale starts at 7pm on Tuesday May 19. That’s tomorrow.

Gird your loins, my friends. Gird them.