Classic Dad Makes His Kids Generate Their Own Electricity To Play Wii

In what can only be described as a colossal dad move, a man has made his kids generate their own electricity to power a Nintendo Wii.

Jeremy Fielding has a YouTube channel dedicated to making all sorts of crazy contraptions, with his latest born from an old rowing machine. He used some treadmill parts and a couple of batteries (to hold enough charge to keep things going while they swap rowers) to give the old machine a weird new life.

Purchased on Craigslist, Fielding hooked the machine up to the Wii and fired it up. If the kids stop rowing for too long, the console shuts down. You can check it out in the video below, which has 5 different projects containing treadmill parts, but skip to 7:37 for the good shit.

“No rowing means no video games (insert evil laugh),” the video captions say at one point. Classic dad.

It’s certainly a helluva lot more strenuous than Wii Sports, which, to be fair, can be played in a sitting position if you’re a lazy piece of shit. And don’t get me started on goddamn Wii Fit.

It’s clear that Fielding has achieved a heroic dad-level never seen before. He may be the most powerful dad in existence. Praise be unto him.