Chuck Out The MadCatz ‘Cos A New Universal Console Controller Is Coming

If you own more than one console, I’d wager that you prefer one type of controller over any other.

Me? I think the Xbox controller is far more comfortable in the hand than the PlayStation Dual Shock and I will fight anyone who disagrees. But no matter which one you’d rather use, having to switch over to another is a real pain in the ass.

A solution could be on the horizon, folks. A small Canadian team called All Controller  is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for a universal gamepad that will connect to just about any console, including PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

That’s right, it’ll hook up to your fucking phone, man. The company are also working on support for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

According to a number of reviews, it doesn’t feel like a cheap alternative to a first-party unit, either. They’re apparently quite solid and nothing like the shitty old MadCatz pads that were either unresponsive or easily breakable.

It looks more along the lines of an Xbox One controller, but apparently feels like a cross between it and a Dual Shock pad.

What really sets it apart from other controllers is the little LCD screen towards the top. This is where you can control just about bloody everything, including syncing it to your consoles, mapping buttons and changing sensitivity settings.

The way you connect will depend on what you’re connecting it to. For iOS, for example, you hook it up via bluetooth, whereas a most consoles will support a wireless USB dongle through which drivers can be loaded and installed. Hell yeah.

Unfortunately, you’ll still have to wait a little while for this one, as they don’t plan on shipping until May 2018. When it does launch, a wireless version will set you back $110 Canadian ($109.92).

You can suss their Kickstarter page right here.

Source:  The Verge 
Photo:  Adventure Time / Cartoon Network