Check Out Our LEGO Super Mario Video Challenge If You’re Keen To 1-Up Your Day
PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with LEGO Super Mario so you can live out your pipe dreams.

LEGO and Super Mario are staples of just about any 80s/90s childhood memories. For me, the OG Super Mario Bros. on the NES was the very first video game I played, ushering me into a world that would later become a full-blown obsession and even play a part in my career. I owe a lot to the little guy and his wildly strange adventures.

In case you missed it, the pair have recently joined forces, birthing LEGO® Super Mario™, or as I like to call it, the ultimate nostalgia explosion. As the name suggests, this wondrous creation is Super Mario in a LEGO format, allowing you to actually play a physical version of the beloved game.

While there are official levels that come with the LEGO sets, there’s also the option for players to design and create their own levels which can then be shared with the LEGO Super Mario community. In other words, there are limitless options to the levels you can build and play.

There’s actually quite a bit going on under the hood of this crossover that makes it unique. To show off everything LEGO Super Mario can do, our very good pals over at Kotaku Australia did a great video with gaming YouTubers Camelworks and Lara6683, which got pretty wild. If you’re up for seeing how the whole thing works and share in some jolly good times, you can check out the clip for yourself below.

For those not familiar with the pair, Camelworks makes great videos around the Elder Scrolls series, Fallout series and more, while Lara6683 takes her love of video games to a musical level with covers and more.

Image: LEGO Super Mario