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When your three housemates, their respective partners, the guy that’s slumming it on your couch and your communal goldfish are using your internet at the same time, your NBN connection is bound to chug along at a snail’s pace.

When you live in a share house, a solid internet connection is non-negotiable. Whether you’re someone who likes to unwind with some Netflix or play a few multiplayer rounds online, it’s highly likely that your housemates are thinking about doing the same thing. So, while we’d all like to live as a happy little hermits, cohabiting is the best way to save hundreds of dollars, which is essential in this financial climate.

The cheapest nbn plans in Australia

To help fix this headache of a sitch, we’ve put together the cheapest unlimited plans within the NBN 25, NBN 50, NBN 100 and NBN 250 speed-tiers, so you can get some quick speeds that won’t break the bank. Besides, you guys can split the difference anyway, so maybe ask that couch-surfing mooch to chip in. Keep in mind that all of these plans are contract-free, so you can jump ship to your next NBN deal when your initial term ends.

Cheapest NBN 25 plans

Keeping your share house setup in mind while looking is the best way to get a plan that works for everyone. If you live with seven other people who all work from home, grabbing an NBN 25 plan might result in a lot of grumpy group chat messages along the lines of: “Umm, who is downloading something?”

If you’re in a smaller house (one to two people) with less internet-intensive needs, an NBN 25 plan should serve you well.

Spintel has the overall cheapest plan on offer with typical speeds of up to 20Mbps for $44/month during your first six months. From there, your monthly bill will jump up to $49.95 after those initial six months are over, which isn’t too shabby if you can’t be fcked hopping from plan to plan every month.

Tangerine offers perhaps the best value with the best typical speeds of 25Mbps, while also being one of the cheapest plans at $44.90/month for the first six months. Their monthly bill does jump up to $59.90 after that six month term ends, which is a fairly average price for this speed tier. It’s probably not a bad idea to swap to a different provider when the discount period ends, so you can keep chasin’ those bargains.

Exetel will also give you some solid speeds, with the same evening speeds as Tangerine, and an affordable price tag. It’s flogging a plan for $53.95/month for the first six months, and then $64.95/month after. Not bad, not bad at all.

The Cheapest & Quickest NBN Plans To Switch To If You’re Ready To Roundhouse Kick Your Router

Cheapest NBN 50 plans

If you don’t think an NBN 25 plan will work with your share house and the price tag on an NBN 100 plan is a bit much, even when split, getting an NBN 50 plan is a happy medium.

Dodo and Exetel are both running a deal where you’ll only be paying $53.85/month and $53.95/month, respectively for the first six months you’re with them. This is a pretty great value, considering each provider is reporting fast typical evenings speeds of 50Mpbs.

However, Exetel’s full-price plan is a teensy bit cheaper than Dodo’s following the end of its six month deal, and will set you back $74.95/month in comparison to Dodo’s $75/month. Going with Exetel will also net you a two month free trial of Home Secure, a network-based cybersecurity service that features parental controls, status reports and antivirus protection.

Spintel‘s NBN 50 plan is a hair more expensive at $54/month for the first six months you’re connected and comes with a top evening speed of 50Mbps. After your first six months with them, Spintel’s plan increases to $64.95/month. However, it’s still one of the cheapest NBN 50 plans available even at full price, making it a great bang for your buck.

The Cheapest & Quickest NBN Plans To Switch To If You’re Ready To Roundhouse Kick Your Router

Cheapest NBN 100 plans

Grabbing an NBN 100 plan will set you back more, but if you live in a household that really gives its internet a workout, you’re better off going big from the start. Especially, if you’ve got a few people working from home.

Dodo is currently running a deal where its NBN 100 plan is only $63.85/month for the first six months (it usually costs $85/month). If you need strong internet, it has one of the fastest typical evening speeds at 100Mbps.

Tangerine is offering the cheapest plan right now at $62.90/month, but the maximum evening speed it can achieve is only 92Mbps, so you might as well go with Dodo and cop extra 95c. Plus, at the end of the six month term, your rate will switch to $89.90/month, which is more expensive than Dodo’s full price, so you’ll be paying more in the long run with Tangerine.

The cheapest nbn plans in Australia

Cheapest NBN 250 plans

If the hierarchy of needs in your share house goes 1) incredibly fast internet all of the time 2) hot water and 3) no mould, then an NBN 250 connection is an easy way to keep everyone happy. These plans usually sit around the $100 mark minimum, but if you have enough people living under the same roof, it should split nicely.

However, you need to make sure you can actually get an NBN 250 connection before signing up for one, as they’re only available to customers with FTTP or HFC connections. Look before you leap, folks.

In terms of the cheapest NBN 250 plans, Tangerine is offering a connection that’ll set you back $79.90/month for the first six months, and then $109.90/month thereafter. The only drawback is that it only offers a maximum evening speed of 205Mbps. So if your collar’s feeling a little tight thinking about that, keep reading.

Optus‘ NBN 250 plan is slightly more expensive at $89/month for the first six months, while offers the fastest speeds out of the lot with 240Mbps. After that discount period ends, the full price of Optus plan is $119/month. But hey, that’s when you get to jump ship. Love that for you.

If you really want a superfast internet connection Southern Phone is reporting typical evening speeds of 250Mbps, which is the highest in this tier. This plan will set you back $95/month for the first six months and then $115/month thereafter. Dishing out $95 a month might seem pretty expensive in isolation, but that’s some pretty good value in terms of speed and after the introductory deal period when you consider the full price of most other NBN 250 plans.

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