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One of the most frustrating things about living in a share house is the strain placed on your internet because everyone is trying to use it at once.

Someone is streaming Netflix, another is on an important work Zoom and the other is downloading a new Playstation game that’s a couple dozen gigabytes large, so your entire network slows to a dead crawl.

It’s the digital equivalent of a bunch of thirsty people crowding around a garden hose, all trying to get a drink at the same time but they barely get a mouthful.

To help fix this absolute headache of a situation, we’ve put together the cheapest plans for NBN 25, NBN 50, and NBN 100 speed-tiers, so you can get some quick speeds that won’t break the bank.

These plans are all unlimited, so you can avoid the awkward situation where someone caps the house’s monthly data and ruins the internet for everyone. They’re also contract-free, so you have some extra flexibility there too.

If you’ve got a few people living with you, it’s not a bad idea to grab one of the more expensive plans here and split the cost between yourselves.

Cheap, unlimited NBN 25 plans

Keeping your share house’s set up in mind while looking is the best way to get a plan that works for everyone. If you live with seven other people who all work from home, grabbing an NBN 25 plan may do you more harm than good in the long run. Expect a lot of group chat messages along the lines of: “Umm, who is downloading something?”

If you’re in a smaller house with less internet intensive needs, an NBN 25 plan should serve you well.

Superloop have the best typical speeds of at 22.2 Mbps, while also being one of the cheapest plans at $49.95/month for the first six months. Their monthly bill jumps up to $64.95 after those six months are over. It’s not a bad idea to swap to a different provider when the discount period ends, so you can get more bargain internet.

Tangerine will also give you some solid speeds, with a typical evening speed of 21 Mbps, and an affordable price tag. You’ll pay $49.90/month for first six months, and then $59.90/month after. Even at full price, that’s not too shabby.

Spintel are also flogging a plan with the same evening speeds, at $49 per month. This plan jumps up to $59.95/month after the first six months.

Cheap, unlimited NBN 50 plans

If you don’t think an NBN 25 plan will work with your share house and the price tag on the NBN 100 plans are a bit much, even when split, getting an NBN 50 is a happy medium.

Superloop are currently running a deal where you’ll only be paying $58.95/month for the first six months you’re with them, instead of $78.95/month. This is a pretty great bargain, considering they’ve got one of the fastest typical evenings speeds of 44.4 Mpbs.

Spintel’s NBN 50 plan costs $59/month with a great typical evening speed of 45 Mbps. After your first six months with them, Spintel’s plan increases to $64.95/month. However, it’s still one of the cheapest NBN 50 plans available with one of the best evening speeds.

Tangerine will also give you some of the fastest evening speeds — 42 Mbp— at an affordable price. You’ll pay a discounted $59.90/month for first six months, then $69.90/month.

If you end up going with Superloop but want to stretch out your savings after those first six months pass, it’s not a bad idea to swap over to Spintel or Tangerine.

Cheap, unlimited NBN 100 plans

Grabbing an NBN 100 plan will set you back more, but if you live in a household that really gives its internet a workout, you’re better off going big from the start. Especially if you’ve got a few people working from home.

Superloop are currently running a deal where their NBN 100 plan is only $74.95/month for the first six months you’re with them (it usually costs $89.95/month). If you need strong internet, they have one of the fastest typical evening speeds at 90 Mbps.

Tangerine offer some of the faster speeds in the NBN 100 range – 83 Mbps – and you’ll only be paying $74.90/month for the first six months that you’re with them.

However, after that discount period ends, Tangerine’s price takes a steep jump up to $89.90 per month.

Alternatively, after your six months with Tangerine or Superloop ends, you should swap over to mate. They have the same typical evening speeds as Tangerine, but with a price of $79 per month.

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