Celeb Wedding Planners Are Doin’ Crazy Shit To Destroy Paparazzi Drones

The new era of drones is opening up a whole new set of practical quandaries around privacy. Now that your neighbour can – theoretically – fly a drone over your fence, through your patio door, through the kitchen, down the hallway and into your bathroom while you’re showering, it opens up a whole lot of concerns. (The aforementioned scenario is extremely specific, I know).

Apparently, one of the biggest casualties in the new world of drones is… celebrity weddings. Given that any Tom, Dick or Harry can fly a camera drone over a celeb wedding and grab some valuable pap shots, celebrity wedding planners have apparently been in overdrive trying to rein it in.
According to Vanity Fair, some of these solutions have been extreme. One way of addressing drone shots – apparently – is to train birds to pull ’em out of the sky:
The Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in France, charged with protecting the privacy of art collector Alberto “Tico” Mugrabi and fashion blogger Colby Jordan, along with their many famous guests, at their September nuptials, reportedly hired falcons that could swoop in and nab the intruding machines. 

But that’s Europe. They do things differently over there. In the good ol’ US of A, they hew closer to their tried-and-tested national pastime: total drone war. Some celeb wedding planners pay people with ‘attack drones’ to knock paparazzi drones down:

Of course, the videographer didn’t want to use his equipment, which was intended for filming approved footage of the event, to fight enemy drones. “So now I just hire people with [what] I call my attack drones to go up and be a diversion because they kind of chase after each other, and [the paparazzi] can’t get the shot,” Gregoli said.

Her preferred method is to either chase the drone away or block its lens, but the two aircraft often collide. Gregoli admits to “a few” drone casualties. “What happens with the drone-on-drone [fight] is one drone is going to get hurt or damaged because it’s got to come down. You hope it’s not yours,” she said, adding that the “tech guys” she hires to man them have gotten better at diverting and blocking since this first instance.

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Source: Vanity Fair.