Bethesda Drops Details About The Brutal New Survival Mode In ‘Fallout 76’

After receiving a great deal of feedback from players, Bethesda announced that it would be adding a brand new survival mode to its latest online multiplayer title, Fallout 76. While it was known that the mode would add danger to the environment by allowing unrestricted PvP, the company has now outlined its plans for the new mode.

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Conveyed via a blog post, Bethesda says it’s still working on the update and will continue to add to it before and while beta testing is conducted. Once the beta kicks in, you’ll get an option to play either Adventure mode or Survival mode, the former being the game as it is now and the latter, of course, being the new, more dangerous variant.

MainMenu GameModeSelect Survival 003

Survival mode will still have all the same content as Adventure mode, it’ll just allow other players to kill the shit out of you without the whole wanted murder thing. As it stands now, shooting at another player will only do a small amount of damage, allowing them to run away if they don’t wish to fight. If the other player decides to engage, however, both your weapons and theirs will do their full damage. If someone persists and kills a player without them returning fire, they become a wanted murderer and a bounty is placed on their heads which comes out of their own stash.

You’ll have the option to use your existing character in the new mode, but anything you do, like using caps or ammo, will carry over into Adventure mode. If you don’t like the idea of risking your shit, you can create a new character to take on the harsher setting.

Any players you encounter in Survival mode will be flagged as hostile, unless they’re on your team, but level scaling will function the same as it does in Adventure mode to make sure newer players won’t be absolutely dominated by high-level characters.

Nothing is set in stone at this stage, with Bethesda keen on playing around with different rules as testing begins. In other words, you can think of it as an evolving game mode, but I’d wager the PvP elements will stick around above all else. Leaderboards for Survival mode will also be added at some point.

The company is hoping to start beta testing in March, so expect to hear more around then. If you wanna read more about Bethesda’s plans, you can suss out the blog post here.