If you happen to be reading this on an iPhone, take a moment to look closely at your handset. Do you see any hairline scratches on the screen? Any tiny scuffs around the edges? Good enough! It’s time to go shopping for iPhone 11 plans.

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 11 range this week, and now the Aussie telcos are ready to sign you up. We’ve got all the iPhone plans here, but rather than have you wade through the 216 different plan combinations (yep, actual number), let’s cut to the chase with the best options for each model.

iPhone 11

Vodafone’s $45 Red Plus Plan is the best buy if you’re after a plan with a big chunk of data. You’ll pay over $10 per month more for similar data with Telstra and Optus, or at least $240 more over the course of the contract.

Just make sure you choose the ‘Red Plus Plan’ and not the ‘Red Plan’. These plans are identical except for the fact that the Red Plus includes capped data limits so you can never be charged for using too much. This is something you definitely want.

iPhone 11 Pro

You could pair the iPhone 11 Pro with the same Vodafone Red Plus plan mentioned above, but scan down the list and find the Optus $99 Promo and bask in the insanity of a plan with 100GB of data. This is nearly enough data to cut out a home internet connection, too, until you remember that you binge-watch Netflix to fill an unfillable hole inside you and 100GB is not even nearly enough for that. 

iPhone 11 Pro Max

If you prefer your iPhones served with a side of everything, the new iPhone 11 Pro Max is the phone for you. It also sounds like something you’d order at Boost Juice.

Buying the Big Daddy iPhone will put a solid dent in your beer fund no matter which plan you choose, but Vodafone still appears to be a nose ahead. If you’re not data-obsessed, the $50 Telstra Small plan would cover the needs of most people, plus you’d get Telstra benefits, like data-free Apple Music.

There you have it, folks, the best iPhone 11 plans getting around at launch. Hopefully there’s something there to tickle your fancy.

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Image: PEDESTRIAN.TV / @mopkins88