In case you missed it, Australia is getting its very own space agency and nerds around the country could not be more thrilled.

And so they should be, along with a healthy economic boost from the $420 billion aeronautic industry, the venture is expected to create thousands of new job opportunities.

Considering even New Zealand have their own space agency, it’s about bloody time we stepped up to the plate given our scientific prowess in almost every other area.

As you’d expect, the internet is having a meltdown over the announcement, with some wondering what Australia’s galactic presence will look like.

Others are simply stoked on the news, including bloody Bill Nye.

And some are sceptical of the entire thing.

Who will run it, you ask? Well I’m pleased to report that our very own Mitch Feltscheer has claimed that one.

I can’t wait to smash a few tinnies in space.

Image: Getty Images