Aussie Teen Reveals Insanely Pretty Trailer For His Game ‘Way To The Woods’

Making it all the way to the front page of Reddit this morning, 18-year-old Anthony Tan posted a trailer for his incredibly beautiful upcoming game, Way to the Woods, which the Melbourne teen has been working on for two years now.

According to Tan’s Tumblr page dedicated to the upcoming title, it’ll be out early next year on both PC and consoles. While he can’t say which consoles will cop the game at this stage, he’d “love to get it on the Switch and PS4 or Xbox,” he wrote in a Reddit reply.

Did I mention it’s fucking gorgeous? Even Sean Murray – the lead developer on No Man’s Sky – noticed Tan’s work in its early stages.

Created in Unreal Engine, all of the art  you see has been hand-drawn with obvious inspiration drawn from Studio Ghibli films like Spirited AwayThe game puts you in control of a doe leading her fawn back to the woods, encountering other animals and landscapes along the way.

You can check out some of Tan’s amazing art on his person Tumblr page, which includes some screenshots from the popular VR game, Job Simulator, which he’s also worked on. The guy’s barely an adult and he’s achieved so much already. Amazing stuff.

I suggest you check out the trailer below. It will give you life. He even wrote the music for it, too.

Goddamn I can’t wait to give this a whirl.