Have you ever wondered which apps us fine folk here in Australia use the most? Or maybe you’ve thought about which of them make the most money? Ok, that’s probably a bit of an obscure thing to think about, but stick with me here.

Mobile app data and insights firm, App Annie, has done the research and whacked all the juicy stats into a big fat report, detailing the most-used, most-profitable, and other interesting facts about how Australia and the world used apps in 2017.

Globally, app downloads surpassed 175 billion, which is up 60 percent compared to 2015. Given those numbers, it’s not surprising to see businesses begin to shift towards apps as a way to reach consumers.

“A decade after Apple’s launch of its app store heralded the smartphone app revolution, apps continue to reshape entire industries on an unprecedented level in 2017,” said App Annie’s regional director, Jaede Tan“Against this changing backdrop, sound app analytics and insights have become imperative for businesses looking to make the most out of the app economy.”

In terms of what we’re into right now, the use of fintech apps has risen by 25 percent in the past year, and sessions in retail apps increased by 80% over the past 2 years. So, on the one hand, we’re getting savvy with our money, but on another, we’re getting better at spending it while sitting on our asses. Hell yeah.

In the media and entertainment space, Aussies spent a whopping 292 percent more in 2017 when compared with 2015. When you isolate just gaming apps, the total spend has risen by 50 percent over the past 3 years.

Of course, we’re pretty big on streaming media, and the biggest app we use for that is, unsurprisingly, YouTube, followed by Netflix, AFL LiveABC iView and Foxtel Go. Overall (by number of downloads), we’re the biggest fans of Facebook Messenger, followed by Spotify, Facebook Netflix, and Snapchat.

The games we loved the most (by downloads) were Pokemon Go, Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, Words With Friends, and then Monopoly at Maccas. No surprises there, I guess.

And the apps that make the most money from us, you ask? It turns out we spend the most on Tinder, followed by Netflix, Spotify, Zoosk, and Youtube.

So there you go, folks, we spend the most money when we’re horny and we like all the big, predictable mobile games.

Image: SpongeBob SquarePants